Hatteras Fishing Trips

Hatteras offers some of the best big game fishing in the world to include giant bluefin tuna, marlin, yellowfin, big-eye tuna, dolphin and wahoo. You'll find that Over Under is right in the middle of the action year round! We'll be calling Hatteras home base for most of the year but will be sure to head over to Morehead City if the Big Bluefin decide to show up.

Dedicated Hatteras Bluefin Tuna Fishing Trips

$250 to $375 per person in February and March - Open Dates Available for Single Spots

lp_bf_1Come get in on hot Bluefin Bite where it all starts, here in Hatteras, NC. Beginning in February, we expect the Bluefin fishing to pick up and if things are at all like last season, it will be EPIC in late February and early March. The fish are typically 150 to 250 pounds. We try to find the fish trolling, then get on top of them and hook them up jigging. This is probably one of the best opportunities around to target BIG fish on light jigging gear. When and if the Bluefin don't cooperate, we can often find Yellowfin. This is the great thing about Hatteras, we have OPTIONS HERE! Spots are limited, so please call ASAP if you'd like to reserve a spot on a split charter. We have accommodations right at our marina, walking distance to the boat!

catch_oct_Spring Hatteras Fishing Trips Springtime offers the east coast’s first shot at nice Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Big Eye Tuna fishing.  Tuna ranging from 50 pounds up to a 400 pound monsters will still be around, but will dwindle as the Yellowfin Bite begins to dominate. 

In April, the Yellowfin and Wahoo will show up in force with Mahi and Billfish close behind in late May and June.  Hatteras has had an absolutely incredible Billfish Bite the last couple of seasons, and the run is very short.

Inshore we have some great sight fishing for Cobia just off the beach as well in the Spring here on your North Carolina Fishing Charter.

single_sailSummer Hatteras Fishing Trips  
Billfishing, Dolphin, and some Tuna.  Offshore Hatteras, is one of the shortest runs anywhere in the country to target white and blue marlin, as well as sailfish. 

The dolphin fishing is typically red hot all summer, and Yellowin Tuna continue to get caught during the summer as well. 

Summertime hatteras Fishing Charters are almost exclusively trolling trips, as we are targeting Billfish.  The dolphin can be caught on light tackle with bait around the boat, but our primary target will be Marlin and Sailfish.  There is an annual Big Rock Billfish Tournament in June if you want to do some serious Blue Marlin Fishing!

eyeballFall Hatteras Fishing Trips   Once the waters start to cool in the North East, the Tuna will begin to migrate back down to the warmer gulf stream waters and take up residence off Hatteras once again.  Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna are the target species from October through December. 

There is probably no better place to target Big Eye Tuna than Hatteras in the Fall and Spring.  As always, with the Gulf Stream in such close proximity, billfish and dolphin are always possible, but not nearly in the numbers that they are available during the summer fishing off of the North Carolina coast.

The majority of our Tuna Fishing in the Fall will be on the troll, but jigging is possible, if the fish are concentrated in a particular area.  Hatteras Fishing Charters in the Fall can produce some legendary tuna catches.

Bluefin Tuna CharterWinter Hatteras Fishing Trips    During the Winter, usually beginning in December, we get very focused on the Bluefin Tuna Fishing off of Hatteras.  Both Hatteras and Morehead City offer some of the best chances to target Bluefin Tuna anywhere in the World.  We get the BIG ONES HERE! 

Giant Bluefin, up to 600 pounds are targeted, as well as smaller fish we catch either trolling, jigging, or chunking.  The Bluefin Tuna Bite can be awesome off of Hatteras, with runs as short as 5-10 miles.  The fish move into the shallows feeding on bait off of shoals and wrecks. 

Hatteras Charter Fishing for Bluefin Tuna is typically good from December right through April.